• DESCRIPTION: Clean Aligner
  • Nation of Principal:JAPAN
    Use process:
    Product name :Wafer Aligner
    Environment :
    Clean room atmosphere
    Wafer Size:100 to 200mm
    Carrying Object:
    Transparent, translucent, or silicon wafer

1.New type of aligner available for any material of wafer for 100 to 200mm wafer
2.High-speed, high-accuracy centering and flat/notch locating are available
   for silicon wafer with BG tape as well as silicon, transparent, or translucent wafer
3.Equipped with JEL-developed image sensor, and internal motor driver and controller
4.Size, shape, material of spindle can be changed according to the wafer type
  Bernoulli type is also available
5.Available for non-SEMI standard notch or flat
6.Optional Z-axis for pick-up/place operation is available
7.Power: DC24V±10% 3A    Vacuum: -53kPa or more
8.Control: RS232C and parallel photo I/O