• DESCRIPTION: Clean Robot
  • Nation of Principal:JAPAN
    Use process:
    Product name :4-Axis Horizontal and Multi-Joint Type Clean Robot
    Environment :
    Clean room atmosphere
    Single Arm
    Operating Range:
    533mm (3rd joint center)
    Vertical Stroke:
    Payload Capacity :
    4kgf (calculated for the arm 3rd joint)

1.4-Axis Horizontal and Multi-Joint Type Clean Robot
2.For handling 450 mm wafer with edge grip end-effector and flip function
3.Rigid arm & high load capacity. Payload capacity: 4kgf (calculated for the arm 3rd joint/including end-effector & wafer)
4.Available for various handling such as flip-type edge grip end-effector and batch handling for 5 pieces of 300 mm wafers
5.AC servo motor is installed in all axes
6.High-speed & high-accuracy wafer handling is available by area control and S-curved speed control
7.Base or flange mounting type is able
8.Bernoulli end-effector is available. (Option)
9.Power: AC200V±10% Single phase 10A; Vacuum: -53kPa or more
10.Interface:RS232C and parallel photo I/O