Bernoulli Chuck

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    The Mechanism of the Bernoulli Type End-Effector:
    Air entered from the supply port generates the Cyclone effect.
    Supply air is discharged to the atmosphere between the suction surface and the wafer.
    As a result, an air layer is generated between the cyclone pad and the wafer,
    which enables to lift the wafer without contact.

Bernoulli pad type or Cyclone pad type is able depending on the wafer condition

①Bernoulli pad type
1.Low cost end-effector for thin or warped wafers
2.Capable to handle various sizes or types of wafers
3.Wafers can be lifted with low stress to minimize damage
4.Thickness of the end-effector can be reduced

②Cyclone pad type
1.Cyclone pads (Dia: 25mm; Thickness: 2.5mm) are used
2.Capable to handle various sizes or types of wafers,
3. and available for the Bernoulli type aligner
4.Stronger holding of wafers compared to the Bernoulli type end-effector